Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#CripTheVote Invitation to Disabled Candidates

#CripTheVote logo with ballot box with four disability symbols on the front and #CripTheVote in multicolored letters
The organizers of #CripTheVote invite candidates for office who are disabled to participate in live, scheduled Twitter chats this year and next. These will typically be about an hour long, and structured by questions, about half posed by the organizers, and the rest from #CripTheVote participants. Our aim is to give disabled candidates a disability-centered forum in which to discuss their positions, campaign plans, and how they view their own disabilities in relation to their political goals.

Like all #CripTheVote activities, these chats and this invitation are non-partisan. We do not endorse or oppose any candidate or any party. Candidates can expect to be questioned, sometimes vigorously, on how their policies might affect people with disabilities.

#CripTheVote is an online movement about politics, policy and civic participation focused on disabled people and disability issues. It was started in January, 2016, by Alice Wong, Gregg Beratan, and Andrew Pulrang, to focus attention to disability issues and disabled voters during the 2016 elections. Here is a link to our April 2017 chat on Disabled People in Public Service.
Candidates with disabilities, and / or staff can respond to this invitation by emailing to:

#CripTheVote Organizers

Alice Wong

Gregg Beratan

Andrew Pulrang