Friday, November 22, 2019

#CripTheVote Live Tweets Stats Update

Here are updated #CripTheVote chat statistics showing participation and impact numbers for the six Democratic Presidential debates so far. We are using a service called Keyhole to track this. If you are into numbers and statistics, read ahead!


“Tweets” includes the number of original tweets, retweets, and replies.
“Users” is the number of people who participated over the measured span of time.
“Engagement” is the number of times people either retweeted or replied to tweets.
"Tweet Impressions" is a total tally of all the times the Tweet has been seen.

This Timeline graph shows #CripTheVote tweet volumes over the course of the December 19, 2019 Democratic Presidential Primary Debate.

Graphic showing a line graph for #CripTheVote historical data for 12/19/19. On the x-axis are hours in one day, the y-axis the number posts: 5,652 posts, 2,406 users, 29,640 engagement, 27,361,410 tweet impressions. The peak was at about 10 pm Eastern.

And here are some charts covering the last four debate live tweets. Since the first two debates were two nights, we came up with daily tweet averages for comparison with the single night third and fourth debates.


June Debate: 1,569 per day average
July Debate: 2,761 per day average
September Debate: 2,996
October Debate: 3,807
November Debate: 2,353
December Debate: 5,652


June Debate: 575 per day average
July Debate: 1,196 per day average
September Debate: 1,123
October Debate: 1,597
November Debate: 1,000
December Debate: 2,406


June Debate: 1,618 per day average
July Debate: 11,915 per day average
September Debate: 10,691
October Debate: 13,730
November Debate: 8,126
December Debate: 29,640

Tweet Impressions

June Debate: 7,507,804 per day average
July Debate: 13,029,603 per day average
September Debate: 16,351,225
October Debate: 19,946,895
November Debate: 16,129,595
December Debate:

We will keep collecting data from upcoming live tweets and chats. Check back here at the #CripTheVote Blog.