Monday, November 6, 2017

#CripTheVote Chat: One Year Later

#CripTheVote Twitter Chat - One Year Later - November 12, 2017 - 7:00 PM Eastern - Details:

#CripTheVote Chat: One Year Later
Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 7:00 PM Eastern

It has been a year and a few days since Election Day 2016. It’s probably safe to say that regardless of your political beliefs, the day’s outcome was a surprise to most of us. It’s also not too much of an ideological stretch to say that the year since has been fractious, disruptive, disturbing, and for many, including disabled people, frightening and threatening.

In this chat we want to give everyone a chance to look back at what their hopes and goals were regarding disability issues and culture before the Election … and also reflect on how they have changed or remained the same since then. Let’s vent, debrief, and support one another. Let’s also try to take a clear-eyed look at what’s actually happening, and discuss how to move forward into the second year of the Trump Administration, and all that comes with it.

How to Participate

When it’s time, search #CripTheVote on Twitter for the series of live tweets under the ‘Latest’ tab for the full conversation.

If you don’t use Twitter, you can follow along in real time here:

If you are overwhelmed by the volume of tweets and only want to see the chat’s questions so you can respond to them, check the @DisVisibility account. Each question will tweeted there 5-6 minutes apart.

Check out this explanation of how to participate in a Twitter chat by Ruti Regan:

Check out this captioned ASL explanation of how to participate in a chat by @behearddc -

Questions for the “One Year Later” Chat:

Q1: Community check in: How are you doing, one year after the 2016 Election Day?

Q2: How do you feel about the results from the election in various states this week? If you voted, how did it go and why did you vote? #CripTheVote

Q3: A year ago, what disability issues were you hoping would be on the agenda after Election Day? #CripTheVote

Q4: Which events or trends in politics in the last year surprised, concerned, or frightened you? #CripTheVote

Q5: Has your interest and activism changed this past year? If so, in what ways? What are you doing differently in your activism? #CripTheVote

Q6: In your view, what will be the top 3 disability-related issues for the next three years? #CripTheVote

Q7: What are you planning to do in the runup to the Midterm Elections on November 6, 2018? #CripTheVote

Q8: Why is it important to vote and become politically engaged during midterm elections? #CripTheVote