2020 Presidential Candidates

The purpose of this Presidential Candidate Resource is to make information on 2020 presidential candidates available to disabled voters and disability activists. Our goal here is limited. We just want a single page where you can find basic information on each declared candidate.

Note: If you notice that some essential disability related information is missing from a candidate's listing, please let us know. Whenever possible, please provide a link or other reference to document the information you believe should be added. You can send information to this email address: cripthevote@gmail.com

2020 Campaign Resources from Disability Organizations

2020 Presidential Questionnaire on Disability Policies
American Association of People with Disabilities

2020 Presidential Primary Candidate Survey on Disability
Disability Rights Center New Hampshire

Disability Unscripted: 2020 Candidates on Inclusion & Accessibility
Disability Rights New Hampshire

Campaign 2020
Association of University Centers on Disabilities

Active Candidates (alphabetical order)

Includes links to campaign website pages on disability policy, healthcare, and closely related topics. Many thanks to Twitter user and #CripTheVote participant @4WheelWorkOut for finding, organizing, and arranging many of these links.

Joe Biden, Democrat
Former Vice-President

The Biden Plan for Full Participation and Equality for People with Disabilities
Americans With Disabilities
Health Care
The Biden Plan to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Prepare for Future Global Health Threats

Donald Trump, Republican
President of The United States

No disability policy page
Health Care


Dropped out of the race

Michael Bennet, Democrat
U.S. Senator from Coloradohttp://michaelbennet.com
John Delaney, Democrat
Former U.S. Representative from Maryland
  • No disability policy page
Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat
U.S. Representative from Hawaii
  • No disability policy page
Kamala Harris, Democrat
U.S. Senator from California
Former U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • No disability policy page
Elizabeth Warren, Democrat
U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Marianne Williamson, Democrat
Self-help author, New Age lecturer
Bill Weld, RepublicanFormer Governor of Massachusetteshttps://www.weld2020.org/@GovBillWeld
  • No disability policy page
Andrew Yang, Democrat
Former tech executive